キヤノンのバッテリー 『 LP-E6 』と『 LP-E6N 』の違い

キヤノンのバッテリー 『 LP-E6 』と『 LP-E6N 』の違い

Canonの純正バッテリー 『 LP-E6 』と『 LP-E6N 』の違いについて説明してみたいと思います。

This time, I would like to explain the difference between Canon’s genuine battery “LP-E6” and “LP-E6N”.

『 LP-E6 』と『 LP-E6N 』を並べてみると
バッテリー赤枠に『 LP-E6N 』『LP-E6』と書かれているだけで見た目は同じ。


When “LP-E6” and “LP-E6N” are arranged side by side, “LP-E6N” is written just in the battery red frame below the above photo. There are a lot of fake items on the market, so you will be worried if the model number is different.

『 LP-E6 』と『 LP-E6N 』の違い







LP-E6N is a new battery released in 2014 and is the successor to LP-E6. Both batteries are EOS5Ds / 5DsR / 5DMarkⅣ / 5DMarkIII / 5DMarkII / 6D / 7DMarkII / 7D / 80D / 70D / 60D / 60Da
It corresponds to.

発売時期2008年発売 2014年発売
バッテリー容量1,800mAh 1,865mAh



The battery charger used for charging is the “LC-E6”. Since the capacity is a slight difference, I think that there are individual differences whether you can actually feel the difference of 65mAh when using it.

現在、Eos-5D Mark-Ⅳを使用していますが、水準器やGPS機能を常時ONにしておくと、かなりのスピードでバッテリーが消耗していきます。


Currently, Eos-5D Mark-Ⅳ is used, but if the level and GPS function are always turned on, the battery will be consumed at a considerable speed. Especially when using GPS, it may be better to turn on / off the main unit or GPS frequently.




↓ ↓ ↓ 大容量の「LP-E6NH」が発売されています。

Compared to Mark-III and battery life without using Mark-Ⅳ body GPS and level, Mark-Ⅳ body feels a 20-30% (more likely?) Decrease in experience. I feel.

Although there was no significant change in the amount and method of shooting per day, Mark-III started shooting early in the morning and sometimes used batteries until the evening. In the case of Mark-Ⅳ, the battery often runs out at noon.

↑  For the above reasons, both batteries seem to have a slight capacity difference, but “LP-E6N” is recommended as a spare battery for the Mark-Ⅳ body.


いますぐ Canon 純正バッテリーパック LP-E6N を購入する >>>

バッテリーに関するその他の情報はこちら↓ ↓ ↓をご覧ください。

キヤノン 新バッテリー LP-E6NH と LP-E6N、LP-E6 の違い 比較レビュー

Canon Eosバッテリー 満タンと空(カラ)の見分け方




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