World Heritage / Tenryuji in Kyoto

世界遺産 天龍寺 桜

Tenryu-ji ( Tenryu Temple ) is a temple of the Rinzai sect Tenryuji Daihonzan in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City.This temple was built by Mr. Ashikaga in 1339 for Emperor Godaigo.

The correct name of temple is Reigizan Tenryu Shiseizenji, which is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a “Cultural Property of Ancient Kyoto.”

It is a view from the famous Togetsu Bridge over the Katsura River.Tenryuji (Tenryu Temple) is about a 3-minute walk from Togetsu Bridge.

World Heritage Tenryuji April Cherry Blossom Season

World Heritage Tenryu-ji Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms are beautiful, aren’t they? The best time to see the cherry blossoms at Tenryuji ( Tenryu Temple ) is from March 25to mid-April.(Confirmation required) About 200 cherry trees such as Someiyoshino, weeping cherry blossoms and Yamazakura will be in full bloom.

In the Heian period, Mt. Arashiyama flourished as a vacation home for aristocrats, and as one of Kyoto’s best scenic spots, it is colored with cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in autumn.

The building above is the Taiho-den of Irimoya-zukuri where the wooden statue of Emperor Godaigo is enshrined.

As mentioned above, Tenryuji ( Tenryu Temple ) was created to calm emperor Godaigo’s soul. It was after the war of the Nanbokucho period, and it was difficult to get the construction expense finances. After that, they succeeded to get the cost of building the temple, and Tenryuji temple completed in 1345.

In April, clouds often take place, but when the weather is good, it is indescribable beauty.

World Heritage Tenryu-ji Cherry Blossoms

Speaking of the garden of Tenryuji ( Tenryu Temple ), sogenchi-teien with a pond is famous, but the garden on the north side is also surrounded by fresh greenery and colorful flowers in April.

At that time, the temple area was vast, about 9.5 million square meters, and there were 150 temples.

Tenryuji ( Tenryu Temple ), which boasts a vast temple area and a shrine, has been hit by a total of eight fires.It seems that the damage caused by the Onin’s rebellion in 1468 was great. And it was not possible until Hideyoshi Toyotomi decided to recover the temple in 1585.

After that, in 1877, the Jochi Decree (order for land confiscation) issued by the Meiji government led to the entire Kameyama area, the other flat part, and most of the precincts lost.

World Heritage Tenryuji November Autumn Leaves Season

World Heritage Tenryu-ji Autumn Leaves

The large length of the building seen on the left of the photo is the main hall of the largest building in Tenryuji ( Tenryu Temple ). The main statue of The Daihonjo building has Shaka-nyoraizazo(Buddha Statue), and it is the oldest statue of the Buddha statue enshrined in Tenryuji.

In front of the garden, it is said that the Sogenchi-Teien (garden) was designed by The First Priest of Tenryuji ( Tenryu Temple ), Mr.Muso Soseki. It is also good to sit on the edge of the building of the large length, and enjoy the garden which the magnificent view of Arashiyama.

World Heritage Tenryu-ji Autumn Leaves

This side is the front of the Daihonjo. In the center of the building is a flat forehead with white letters written “Hojo”.This was written by The 8th Chief Mr.Bokuo Seki (1903-1991).

It is said that Chief Mr.Bokuo Seki was a monk who conveyed in easy-to-understand language the teachings that value the trivial things of everyday life, and influenced the general public and the politician world.

World Heritage Tenryu-ji Autumn Leaves

When I lived in Kanto, I used to go out to take pictures in autumn, but when I first saw the vividly colored autumn leaves of Kyoto and Nara, I remember being surprised and moved.

World Heritage Tenryu-ji Autumn Leaves

There is a walking path on the east side of Tenryuji Sogenchi-teien(garden).

World Heritage Tenryu-ji Autumn Leaves

There is a bench at the observatory (The Hill of Bokyo). It’s a luxury to have time to talk while looking at the scenery that hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. The view from here is also recommended in the season of cherry blossoms.

World Heritage Tenryu-ji Autumn Leaves
World Heritage Tenryu-ji Autumn Leaves

During the autumn leaves season, Tenryuji ( Tenryu Temple ) has a special early morning visit time, and you can enter from 7:30am.
Arashiyama is crowded with tourist attractions, roads, parking lots, restaurants, etc. during the fall foliage season (from mid-November to early December every year). The sidewalk of Togetsu Bridge is also restricted to one-way traffic on one side, and it is difficult to move during the day. It might be a good idea to go around the temple in the morning according to the visit time.

For cars, it may take 30 minutes to an hour to find a parking lot. I recommend that you look for the parking lot one station two station front.

The World Heritage page will be updated from time to time according to the season, so please take a look sometime.

[Visiting place] Tenryuji Ukyo-ku, Ukyo-ku, Ukyo-ku, Totenryuji, Akinobaba-cho 68
[Admission fee] Adults 500 yen, elementary and junior high school students 300 yen
[parking lot] Paid parking available (passenger car 1000 yen / times) [Access] Kyofuku Electric Railway Arashiyama Line “
Arashiyama” get off at the former JR Hagino Line ” Get o
ff at Asahi Arashiyama Station and walk for 13 minutes, and get off at Ara
shiyama Station on the Hankyu train and walk for 15 minutes.


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